There are three parameters that play a leading role in an event’s success: light, sound and audio. And MixMix  takes care of all of them!! Our company offers full sound and light coverage in company events, presentations,  concerts, seminars, weddings, baptisms, parties etc. We are also responsible for the artistic adaptation of the premices, if necessary, and we provide equipment for exhibitions. Our technologically up-to- date equipment includes  audiovisual professional systems, Led Walls, Led Screens, audio and sound consoles, truss systems for medium  or high electric charge as well as stages for concerts and other events. In addition, MixMix takes care of the audiovisual study and uses environmental friendly equipment which is made in Europe. Whichever your event is,  MixMix guarantees quality sound, adequate lighting and a perfect result!!

MixMix Photo Gallery.

MixMix’s expertise is not limited to the audiovisual and light coverage of your events. It cooperates with the best  professionals in order to give you solutions regarding photographers, catering companies, fireworks, indoor and  outdoor furniture, dancefloors, animateurs etc.

MixMix makes sure that your hopes and dreams about your event become reality!!